Tourist attractions and places to visit in Minsk, Belarus

  1. Victory Square

    Address: Victory Square

    Victory Square in Minsk
    Victory Square is a crown of the central part of Nezavisimosti Avenue. It is considered one of the most solemn and important places of the Belarussian capital.

    The architectural ensemble of the square includes residential houses. The Victory Monument, which is a Minsk symbol, takes the composition's centre. It was opened in 1954, 10 years after liberation of the city from the fascist occupants in commemoration of fighing men of the Soviet Army and partisans who fell during the Great Patriotic War.

    The Victory obelisk is mounted on a high pedestal. It is covered with grey granite, decorated with strips in the form of the Belarusian ornament and crowned with a 3 meters high Order of the Victory made of bronze and smalt of different colors. Four bronze high reliefs are placed at the obelisk foundation, dedicated to the history of Belarus liberation. The total height of the monument is 38 meters. By four sides around the obelisk bronze wreaths are placed on pedestals in honor of soldiers of four Soviet fronts, which participated in liberation of the Belarusian land. The Eternal Fire is set near the monument pedestal.

    You can go to the center of the square to the obelisk by the underground passage. Under the ground the monument base is surrounded by a circular gallery with the Hall of the Heroes' Memorial Glory in it. It is
    The Hall of the Heroes' Memorial Glory

    dedicated to the memory of the heroes perished in battles of the Great Patriotic War.

    In the center of the hall there is the Glory Wreath made of the colored glass. It is illuminated from inside resembling the gleam of the Eternal Fire, a symbol of memory. Inscriptions in Russian and Belarussian are placed on marble walls of the hall. A bronze image of the Golden Star of the Hero of the Soviet Union - the highest award of the Soviet country - can also be seen here. 566 names of the heroes who received this award, natives of Belarus as well as soldiers of various nationalities, who showed heroism on the Belarusian land during the war, have been immortalized on bronze plates near it.
  2. The Belarusian State Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War

    Address: Nezavisimosti ave. 25a

    Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War
    The museum of the Great Patriotic War is situated between the Palace of the Republic and the Palace of the Culture of the Trade Unions. There is an inscription over the facade of the museum's building saying, "The Feat of the people will live for ages".

    The museum was founded in 1943, and the contemporary building of the museum was constructed in 1964. On the territory of the former Soviet Union it was the first and for a long time the only museum of the Great Patriotic War.

    The museum exhibits the biggest world's collection of historical monuments of 1941 - 1945: photos and documents, specimens of firearms and cold steel (including the self-made ones), combat flags, uniforms of servicemen, personal goods, awards of hero patriots, anti-fascist newspapers and leaflets issued in the occupied Belarus, a collection of paintings and works of decorative and applied art.

    The museum materials narrate the German policy of genocide. Documents and photos narrate the tragic fate of hundreds of thousands residents who died in death camps, in ghettos during punitive operations of fascists.

    Military Equipment in Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War
    An essential part of the exposition is represented by the exhibits narrating the history of the Resistance. The subjects of guerilla household, self-made banners of guerilla groups, arms, personal goods and photos of partisans are shown in the museum.

    Specimens of the Soviet military equipment of the period of World War II are demonstrated in the internal yard of the museum on the open site.
  3. The National Academic Bolshoy Opera and Ballet Theatre

    Address: Parizhskoy Communy Square 1

    Opera and Ballet Theatre in Minsk
    The Belarussian ballet is presently considered one of the leading ballet troupes in Europe. The theatre repertoire includes performances of the classic Russian and foreign choreography, as well as contemporary plays in interpretation of Elizariev, the choreographer of the world level, the head of the theatre.

    The opera repertoire contains classic and contemporary works, as well as the national opera works.

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