Transfer and Taxi Services. Visa Support

Minsk airport transfer, transportation all across Belarus

Both as a separate service and a component of the apartment rental package, AllMinskRent offers a full range of professional and quality passenger transportation services, such as:
  • Meeting and seeing off at Minsk airport, transfer to/from the rental apartment
  • Car trips around Minsk and troughout Belarus
  • Individual excursion tours and business trips all across the Republic of Belarus

  • Vehicles from leading European manufacturers equipped according to the EURO 4 requirements
  • Experienced drivers having over 5 years record of work and excellent knowledge of the towns of Belarus
  • Passenger insurance policy
Comfort and quality
  • An opportunity to choose a car
  • Vehicles equipped with a car stereo system and air conditioning
  • Accuracy and punctuality: you will always be picked up at exactly specified time

Airport transfer and taxi services from AllMinskRent
Minsk International airport - Minsk city transfer

Vehicles from leading European manufacturers

Individual excursion tours and business trips around Belarus
Choose a car for trips across Belarus Experienced drivers having over 5 years record of work and excellent knowledge of the towns of Belarus Professional and quality passenger transportation services in Belarus Vehicles equipped with a car stereo system and air conditioning

Minsk International, or Minsk-2 airport is situated in approx. 40 km from the Minsk city. Cost of the transfer Minsk International airport - Minsk city (AllMinskRent apartment) is 30 EUR. For the round-trip a discount will apply, making a total of 55 EUR. Simply order AllMinskRent transfer service in the Transfer field of our Reservation form.

For other destinations, excursion tours, business trips etc. please contact us for the tariffs. We offer flexible discounts depending on hours and kilometres.

Visa support

Although the procedure of granting visa to Belarus for citizens of European Union and a number of other countries was significantly simplified a few years ago, to our surprise a lot of foreign tourists are not aware of that. Please read carefully the requirements for obtaining visa for your trip in the FAQ section of our website.

Visa to Belarus
If you are a national of a European Union state (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom) or citizen of Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Canada, Chili, Croatia, Iceland, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, South Korea, South Africa, Switzerland, Uruguay, USA, you actually DO NOT NEED INVITATION from a belarussian party to get a short-term visa for visiting Belarusian relatives, friends, other private matters valid up to 30 days for 1-, 2- or multiple entries. However, details of the inviting person or organization in Belarus must be specified in the visa application form to be submitted to the consular office of the Republic of Belarus.

For nationals of the above-mentioned countries who book an AllMinskRent apartment we can provide the necessary data for the visa application FREE OF CHARGE. Please make an appropriate mark or write in the Comments field of AllMinskRent Apartment Reservation Form.

We insistently recommend you to obtain Belarusian Visa in the Embassy of Belarus in your country of residence or, in case Belarussian Mission is not presented there, in a neighbouring country with such mission, instead of applying for the visa in Minsk-2 airport upon arrival. Not only the latter is a more complicated and troublesome procedure, but the difference in the visa fee is enormous. While in most cases it costs 60 EUR to obtain visa to Belarus in the Embassy of Belarus abroad (140 USD for the US nationals and 75 GBP for the UK nationals), the fees in the consular department of Minsk-2 airport are the following:
  • For residents of countries with Belarussian Missions - 180 EUR.
  • For residents of countries without Belarussian Missions - 90 EUR.
  • For residents of the USA - 275 EUR.
We do not provide visa support for the nationals of the countries not listed above. Please contact a competent agency for the visa support.

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